Ultimate Ortho Handbook

7 Essential Success Strategies They Never Taught You in Dental School.

Speaker, teacher and author, Dr. Dustin Burleson shows you how to achieve the practice of your dreams without wasting another dollar on marketing or advertising. This is a must-read for anyone who has the desire to improve their practice without all of the fluff.

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The Ultimate Ortho Handbook
The Ultimate Ortho Handbook


Using the strategies from this handbook, you can get the best results for your practice.

You Will Discover

The strategies Dr. Burleson uses to build the most-successful practices in 7 countries around the world and in his own practices with massive growth.

Your Breakthrough Starts Now

  1. Stop wasting your money on marketing that doesn’t work. Keep your patients and referring dentists engaged every month and transform them into “raving fans” of your office.
  2. Discover the #1 mistake I made in building my practice and how to avoid it. Avoid this costly pitfall and watch your practice soar.
  3. Steal my perfect formula for compelling content. Your patients don’t want to be bored. They want to be wowed! Most doctors ignore this advice, to their peril.
  4. Five things to never put in your practice marketing. Get this right and your return on investment will skyrocket. Hint: your competitors are doing this entirely wrong.
  5. The only metric you should be worried about in today’s economy and slow-to-no growth professions of dentistry and orthodontics. This is the ticket to extreme success.

Success Strategies

  • Page 6. 85% of orthodontists spend less than $1,500 per year marketing their practices.
  • Page 11. Expand your impact as the leader of your practice.
  • Page 17. Most small businesses fail within the first 5 years.
  • Page 28. Why not grow your practice the smart way?
  • Page 34. Nearly all success stories involve hard work. There is no easy button.
  • Page 41. The overwhelming majority of dentists will not retire with enough income.


Discover why over 562 orthodontists purchased this book in the first week on the market.

eBook Reviews

Reading Dr. Burleson's book made me an emphatic believer that everyone should have a totally different perspective on their practice. This is a game changer.

Dr. Lisa Grant, Chicago

This book is straight-to-the-point, easy-to-read and full of helpful information for orthodontists who want to consider only the most-successful strategies for building their practices. Even if you're not familiar with business or marketing, it will help you make an informed decision about your strategic plan and enhance your ability to get the desired results as quickly as possible.

Dr. John Mergen, Iowa

This book should be required reading for any doctor who wants to understand the strategies that work in building the practice of your dreams. It's jam-packed with information for not only the smart orthodontist but also their spouse or office manager who wants to take the practice to the next level.

Dr. Blake Borello, St. Louis

Dr. Burleson has always been one of the most progressive workers I know, continuously thinking outside the box and ahead of the curve.  In this book, Dr. Burleson relays his passion for orthodontics and practice ownership, and it's a refreshing change from someone simply telling me what I want to hear. This is a must-read for orthodontists, other specialists, and general dentists if they want advice from one of the smartest and most candid people I've ever met.

Dr. Howard Goldberg, Florida

Dr. Burleson taught me while in residency and the incredible insight in this book blows everything else out of the water. If you have ever wondered about how to spend your time and money more effectively just pick up the book and be prepared for a paradigm shift to freedom.

Dr. Adam Reynolds, California

About The Author

Dr. Burleson
Dr. Dustin Burleson
Senior Consultant

Dr. Dustin S. Burleson is a speaker, teacher, author and business strategist for hundreds of doctors located in seven different countries throughout the world.

He writes and edits three newsletters monthly, is the director of the Rheam Foundation for Cleft & Craniofacial Orthodontics and operates a large multi-doctor, multi-clinic orthodontic and pediatric dental practice in Kansas City, Missouri.

He is a champion of the private practitioner and has a long track record of helping orthodontists transform their practices and increase their impact on their families, employees, communities and the profession of orthodontics.

Last year alone, his orthodontic marketing campaigns generated over $300 million in revenue for his clients. When he is not working, you can find him on his sailboat, jumping out of airplanes, or racing exotic cars through the desert. In tightly-contested vote, he was recently named Best Dad in the World by two-thirds of his children.

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